Reality is ours

I awoke in a dream to find the real peace an beauty that I long for in this world. There was a field of flowers and the birds were singing a song that no one could hear. I see a girl who’s beauty  is not like any I have seen. She is running away in a white dress with dark hair. The sent of the flowers is strong and it is like there is no other thing more important than this for I live this moment for many lives. As she runs I try to follow but to no avail. Love for a dream  is the reality I have and the hope I long for. Love of visions is what hope I choose to have and  love of that is to me, more real than life it’s self. In this reality I create I make the rules and I choose the direction and I know the outcome for it is of me and the true power of a man to do these things. Is it so hard to believe  this linear time frame we all come to believe is reality for time, distance, and matter are but construct of our imagination, no more or less but for our Father in the Heavens time is not real and does not exist for he lives where all points of time touch each other. Once  you understand that then you will find out the truth that it is time that is our enemy and our friend where we can not change things that do not work out but if there was no time we would not learn the hard truths we must learn to evolve into better people.

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