Jim Tucker

There are some in this world who are more than just ants like the rest of us for they are the scorpion that bite the enemy we all fight. They are the ones who ask why should I shut up. They are the people who do  not give up or surrender as the world falls down around them and for the most part they go unnoticed in this world. On Friday April 26, 2013 Jim Tucker one of the greats in this world, the most important person for asking the one simple question “who is  Bilderberg”. Because of that question he would spend the better part of forty years trying to find out. Most of what we know can be traced back to him for he was the thorn in their side. The main stream media has not said a single word about his death and they probably will not but that does not mean he meant nothing. I know without him we would never know the truth and I know that he truly was on a mission for God to show the light to all who are good in this world. May he have peace and walk next to Jesus for all time to come.

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