God’s will

It has come to my attention that event  are slowly moving into place that have been shown to me by the Lord and I believe to be true. These event are very disturbing but must take place before we can move forward as a race. These thing that were shown to me involve destruction and over taking of the population of the world. It will not be easy to watch loved ones and people endure the pain that will be dealt out to them but it must happen for the end to come to these things. I will try to help all I know to see the truth that with the grace of God we will come through without a scratch and even prosper in this event.

The Vision:

I was walking down a road  and on both sides there was a twenty foot tall wall where there were placed cameras at the top with insets all along the  road. It was dark but a light was around me so I could see what went on around me. As I walked the cameras could not see me and I had no fear. In the insets was every manner of demon you could ever know. But as I would approach them they would lose their cover to show their true selves to me and would cower as I looked at them. I knew that the Lord Jesus was with me.


I was standing in a open area where great destruction had occurred not a single thing was left in place. Everything was torn down and destroyed and it was dark with dawn fixing to come in the distance. I heard they shall know that I am Lord thy God. 

It is at this point that I will say along with other visions and dreams the time is fast approaching where things will come to pass. We first have to have a One World Government  to get past that thing. Something has to be before it can be destroyed and removed. Everyone have faith and know that it will not be force that overcomes the evil but love and God’s will.

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