What we know to be right

The way of this world we live in is to play the game and win. It is not a conjecture but a fact. The people in charge always make everything a game. I have the most whatever so I am winning or I control the most whatever so I win but I am here to say win what? What is it that you gained the whole world and lost sight of the real prize in life. What did you have to give up to get you victory in life. I see all the control the owners of this world put in place such as money, sex, drugs, violence, etc. to no end that the truth is being lost. The truth that life was never meant to be about all of that but about family friends and the betterment of all. There was a time that those things meant more than money and wars and fear, but now fear is what they choose for us to perceive as it gives them the most control and power. It is at the point when we fear no more that they lose control over all and for them that would be unacceptable so they squash that at every chance they can. When do we learn to wake up from the chemically induce comma that they have all of us in because almost all of us are in that comma without our consent through the water and food or doctors that are only there to have more for themselves and at any cost to us.

When we lose our fear of them and their game and control  we  will learn about freedom and peace.  When we let love and compaction guide us in direction we would never know to go or directions we could never see. It must be done by peace and for the common good of all not by force or fear for that is the path of evil not of Our Father in the Heavens  for his son lived the way of peace and love and the reason he said it is harder to get to the Father for a rich man than a poor man. The poor man has nothing to lose were the rich has all of his prizes to lose. You see all of the wealth you have is but prizes or following the rules of the game and not real rewards as you get from him or people who you do things for out of kindness or love. There will be a day soon when people learn what we already knew that life was never about cloning this or  slicing that it was about loving this and having compaction for that.

The solution seems so easy but so unattainable to most for they do not see the control they put into place. The morals and guide lines they put here for us to abide by. Not the ones we were meant to follow but anti morals and laws they say we must live by or be outcast for our beliefs. For it is when you lose sight of what God intended us to follow and live by that the ones in charge of those morals have won and I will not stand by and let them do it to me and will die trying to stop it before it happens to my family. Our moral compass must not be swayed by other but by What we know to be right.

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