Two year ago I wrote this fiction story

I was just walking down the road from my daughter house when I heard the faint buzzing sound that they had so I jumped into the culvert as it got louder.I drifted off into a trans as I recalled the good old day before the mechanical police and army that now roam the planet. controlled by the few Elite of the world to make sure that you are obedient servants.When you did not need a pass to go places or had to hide from the required Sterility Foods that they sold.Before you had to get a tracking implant to move around.Well as you might have figured out I was one of the ones who chose not to and now to keep from reconditioning camp I must not let the droids(mechanical police) find me. I was smart and dug a basement unknown to corporate planners hidden from sight I am able to keep from being detected.I have power through old faction means.I grow all my own food and raise a few chickens to provide eggs and supplements to my diet.It keeps me busy and since they outlawed public transmitting of info I have a hack to tap the WiFi grid  to get information.It would be nice to find some others who have not been bugged by the system we are not bugged because we are hidden so it makes it very hard to find each other.One day God will show me the one and I must have faith.Something they outlawed with religion and Jesus. They make every one who wants to buy or sell kiss the devils ass.That is something my grandfather taught me was God is the answer to all and have faith things will change.

Well I peer out the end of the culvert to see it pass by and wait a few minutes and climb out to scurry to the woods and then the house well if you could call it that but I do know that it is better than a detention center that my friends were hauled off to.They were never the same after that to tell you the truth they were creepy.There is a reason that I feel I have not been located that would be stupidity and the desire to not give in.My belief that there is more to life then just being a slave to a few.I can not say why it is that they feel the need to kill off so many of us just that they do.I can remember my grandfather talking about how they just felt there were too many of us and they wrote it in stone literally he said there were seven billion people on the Earth and now there are but a fraction of that amount and only a few who are not in the control grid.

I turn on the feed and read my mail to find another of my family was killed for asking to go to see their sick child.It was a cruel joke on their part I guess for the next note I read is a death notice of that child.It was strange though, but that is the sick nature of their games. They normally do not kill the children as a rule but the sickly ones are fair game in their minds.The others are easy to program to suit their needs,They also have a burning desire to kill off all who are old enough to remember God and Jesus Christ.

How is it that people know what is right but the corporate leaders do not? I guess one day we will find the answer to that question when we finally win the war that they started.To think the answer to all of our problems was an endless war against people who were never there in the first place is just bizarre.How is it you can say someone is your enemy when you do not even know who they are or having never seen them.There were a group of people they said were “our terrorist” but in the end it turned out that they were just some made up fictional people.They started by taking away all of our rights in our country then they killed the paper money.People had little choice but to submit to their evil plans or hide from them.Their are no history books accepted that tell the truth only the ones that they say are the truth and they are nothing but lies.their recall of history and mine is two different things that is for sure.They demand allegiance to their “god” and their views and their beliefs well I do not subscribe to it at all.They will never break my soul that “Our Father In The Heavens” owns the only true God.They will never make me believe that war is peace or that freedom is slavery.It is wrong by any standard.

My grandfather who was awake to all of this was a clever man who realized what was coming.He screamed fought cursed to his death  that these things were not right and said a man named Tomas Jefferson was quoted as saying “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” We know today that was our downfall and regret it to this day.Benjamin Franklin said”Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.“That something that we all learned for it was that little safety that my grandfather said was the problem.

I look back at my childhood and realize that it could have been stopped with a single word “NO”.It just has two letters but at that time it could have changed the world.No I do not want surveillance all around me.No I do not want goons groping me for any reason.No I do not want to be killed off for “the good of the planet:.A simple but true thought in my mind.He once made a video that said “Never give up.Never surrender,Never lose faith.” Now we all know what he meant by that statement.It rings true now as it did when he said it or when Franklin said when he did. George Santayana said once “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” So now we are relearning all the truths that we already knew.

Enough of that it is kind of chilly so I turn the heater on.Oh how I miss the days of being able to burn a fire in a fire-place but it is too dangerous to do now so I have to be content with electric heat,I start cooking dinner and I think today I will have chicken jerky and beans for a meal.I put a pot of tea on,Boy do I miss the days of coffee but unless the barter network has it there is not much around.As dinner cooks I go to the garden and get some fresh herbs  to go in dinner as well as some medical herbs to prepare with the meal.I pack me a pipe full of Marijuana to ease the tattered nerves after today run in with the droids.As I sit back and listen to my favorite news show that has to be secretly passed around with encryption only the ones who are awake know how to use.It is from the past a combination of the code talkers and the enigma machine. I learned that another barter operation was raided and all involved are to executed  for treason.It truly is a sad state of affairs for all of us but we will not give up hope and faith that God will provide for us.

I still have a very old copy of the holy bible that my grandfather had given me if they knew it was here I would surely be executed.I read in it the book of Daniel where he talks about the last days and I surely know that we are there for all the signs are here.As it said in chapter 12:1 “1And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.” I would like to think that I am written in this book for I truly believe that I have tried to live by Gods law not mans law.

For I chose not the mark or did not bow to the Devil or his beliefs or forsake God for a temporary fix.It is not in my nature or belief to do that and God has said ye shall be the one who will live in the kingdom of the Lord forever and ever.All I chose to live by is peace and compaction and all I want is for peace to flood the planet and all I have ( my soul ) I give freely to Our Father in the Heavens and his son Jesus Christ.I fear not whatever they may try for it is God’s will and I know he is the most exalted of all Amen.

Why is it we did not stop them when we had time were we scared or just did not know any better.To think that we were uninformed is wrong.We knew about them.But my grandfather said back then wake up listen to what they are they are telling us it is not good,no good can come from this.It was at that point they stepped it up a notch and for all intents and purposes won.Know we are stuck with what they set into motion.We are fighting (the ones who are awake)them everyday.One story that come to mind from my grandfather told me went to the heart of the matter and goes as follows:

I was walking down the road one morning when the local police stopped me and asked what I was up to.I told them I was going to a friends house and do not drive and the fact it was only a few blocks away.They checked my ID and found there were no warrants on me so they let me go.So I walked down the road a few feet more were the same thing took place.There I went a few more feet down the road were they told me the following;We do not need to tell you anything we do not need to question you all we have to do is put you in the car bring to an undisclosed location and you will not get any phone call or see a lawyer.

It is a history that is fact and can not be changed by anyone.We can only send a new message to these people who their days are numbered.We have you on the ropes and now is not the time to give in.All it takes is a death-blow from us but due to our kind nature it is hard to do it.We have a hard time bringing ourselves to that point but I am here to tell you that we must if we are to survive this onslaught of evil.

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