The center of the universe

What is it that defines our reality in our lives ? Is it even anything we ourselves make or is it predefined by our rulers who only want their goals achieved in their life. At what point do we make the free will choice to take back our lives from them. If you ponder it long enough you will come to realize that law, government, and possessions are but their concept of life they choose us to live by and they programmed all of us to accept that this is the true path to happiness and peace but as we have seen it is far from peaceful or free for us to take the better part of our labors and toil to make them the one ruling over us is not happy or peaceful. When we wake up and we will there will be a non violent revolution occur in this culture we call our reality. It will be at that point that we will know that the traditional thing we say we need mean nothing and the thing we think mean nothing mean everything.

This New World Order to steal their phrase will look nothing like theirs for it has to come from the bottom up instead of the top down like all previous cultures that have come about .  We will first have to stop looking for others to guide us as to right and wrong for we all know what is right and what is wrong. We will have to stop with the whole I have the most toys so I win mentality that the world has know. The basic things all need should not be something to argue about or take but should be freely given to all  who need. We will not look at people as criminals but people who need help. Money will serve no purpose in this realm as it would cause greed and bad thoughts to come those who think they are better than others. There would be for the greater good of us that things happen and choices would be looked at for how it affects generation not them. This is a very important idea to grasp for it is the basis of the whole mentality needed that make it all work. Love for all without any form of payment expected is the normal. The native Americans had a system close to this but think more advanced technology to help but with limits that do not take away anything from others such as privacy and personal space. Ownership of things would mean little as there would be no need to hold back things from others when they can have anything they need or want by contributing to society and the planet. The only real rule  would have to be no wars or rulers. Elders of local communities would settle disputes among people in a way that benefits all involved.

We would need to stop censoring knowledge and discoveries so that we grow as a race towards things we know we can do. Energy would soon become a thing of the past in that it would bee free to all who need it. No companies to say pay us or else for no company would own it. We would learn not to take more than our World can give and to give to the World all that we take. Some things would be off limits and the group as a whole going back to the generational choice would decide what should not be done. Common sense is always a good starting point for all these choices and as a race we know what not to do. As history would be very important to track progress of goals and they only other real rule would be to record it correctly as it means the most to keep correct.

This could be our World, a World without bounds or restrictions or pain or hate or fear. This place can be ours and others by choice, a free will choice to stop enabling the evil that coerces our thoughts and ambitions and goal by using our own goals thoughts and ambitions to guide us in this place I call Earth on an unimportant planet in a meaningless solar system that at the moment for us is the center of the universe.

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