World Peace

In the book of Enoch he is described as the scribe of the Lord of Spirits (God) and wrote that the good faithful people of the world would eliminate the evil people of the world. I say that would be a good thing for all as that would bring peace to the lands for all. Peace is that elusive goal of all good men of the world as without war there would be great amounts of resources to help all  people of the world. The world as a whole is not bad but the people who inhabit it are sometimes bad. Think of a place where money, energy, food are not something to beg for but something to have. Where possessions are not important and you know that all look out for the best interest of all. What a paradise that would be with love as the rule and peace the only thing known. We will get to that point one day in our lives and until then we must make that our goal, the goal of World Peace.

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