The Borg Collective

If you look at the world today it would appear to most that there is something not quite right with this picture. The Borg Collective they ( the ones in charge ) they are forming is a scary place with no ones thoughts or action going unnoticed. The picture they paint is one where everyone will be safer and more connected a better world so to speak. Life is more than just safety for if you remove all hazardous things in this world you have lost the emotions that go with those things. Therefore they have taken something very important from us, part of our lives that go to make us strive for the betterment of us all. There will be a point in our existence where we will have no choice but to fight back and take what has been taken. Where that point is I do not know, but there is a point. For me it is when they stake me like an animal. We will all stand up to them but it is at the point of no return. The one where they are lining people up that resist their will and killing them. Maybe the point of us being told every thing we can do or say for we are already at that point so I say to you this world is slowly becoming a new Borg Collective by force.

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