Your Life

In life all we have but mere moments that make our memories. The laugh of your child or the smell of something good but moments is all they are. It is what our soul chooses to store in our mind, a memory. It is not what is in there that matters it is the implication that comes from those thoughts that count. We all choose to live and be as we are not because of our thoughts but because of our soul for that is truly who you are not your mind as some would have you believe, no for it is the mind that records your life but that is of the body. The soul is not bound by a lifetime but continues on lifetime after lifetime. This is immortality or everlasting life for as long as the soul goes on so does you life. We know that in the end of this body we will pass through to the next and try to achieve our goals whatever they may be. For our life is but a moment to our Father in the Heavens and his son Jesus and for most it all they know but I am here to tell you your children are how you become immortal. It is through them we achieve greatness for they are the one we all try to live up to not our vision but theirs for they are what most try to get approval from. If you however feel that other things are important then good for you but you will never be happy in life as one who looks for the truth is that a soul without a purpose is a lost soul and there are many but for those of us who love and have peace know that fear has no place in our hearts only love and light. It is at this point a person can truly be free to enjoy moments.

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