No mercy

I woke up this morning and seen the beautiful sunlight and the bird were chirping squirrels were busy about their day finding thing to eat and playing with each other. It was about that point that my eyes opened up and I came to grips with the real world. Death destruction and chaos abound the world. People planing evil to take this or that in the name of making me more safe from myself. I have made it clear from the beginning quote “I do not need saving”. I have managed to make over fifty years so far and will make it another fifty years God willing so in my feeble opinion less is more. Less rules, less laws, less additives in my food, and less telling me who or what I can believe in. To tell you the truth there is more than evil people in charge that worry me like evil scientist who work for said evil people for they have the power to create evil abominations of nature that the end result is death to billions of people and that is the scary part of all of this. No one is safe from the poison they deal out to us. There is not a cave or rock or forest or dessert that is safe from their grasp of evil. Nuclear meltdown does not scare them no more than the poison they feed us for they make sure that it involves them not. Just remember that when they say we need this law to save you from (fill in the blank). May God and Jesus have mercy on their souls.

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