Check points hit bus depots

My granddaughter age 11 and her friend age 16 were on their way home from Knoxville ,TN and they had to endure a TSA check point to get on the bus. In her words about 15 of them and they barked orders at the passengers. This fulfills their gambit of the transportation area so now comes the highway check points I guess. Welcome to the prison planet folks. I can tell you when they shove you around and force you to do things you would not let anyone else do and feel ashamed of it what are you going to tell your children? Here is a section from the TSA’S SURFACE INSPECTION PROGRAM: STRENGTHENING SECURITY OR SQUANDERING SCANT RESOURCES HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEE (PDF) here
Greyhound has also worked with TSA in a variety of ways, including two programs that involve TSA surface transportation inspectors, the Base Assessment program and the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams. These programs have been
somewhat helpful to Greyhound, but are not at the core of Greyhound’s security efforts.

They say here that they fully intend to put TSA in bus terminals and they have as my granddaughter told me. The following video they tell you that is what they are going to do for quote “Check for small arms”

My question is when will the madness stop? Here is a link from the TSA for Highways which they use popular programs such as MythBusters and in a Blog Post they start with a title Myth Buster: TSA Not Setting Up Checkpoints On Tennessee Highways
yet in the previous document they say they are going to invade the bus stations. I could go on for a long time about this but I have said in the past if they have no intentions of setting up highway checkpoints then why have cable fence installed down the middle of the interstate highway system at state lines or major cities. Do we really have a problem with deer crossing just before a state line?

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