Where is your soul at?

Blessed are those who walk with the Lord our God, the father of Jesus for they shall truly be in the light for it has been written and known for centuries. Our Father in the Heavens will always show us the right path if we chose to listen to him for good will always come from those choices and evil can never be in the light.  Everyone will make free will choices in life that will make them better people and the world a better place. We must always look to our creator for guidance and shy away from evil. For those who chose darkness over light will be doomed to a life of torment that they will never escape from. If we make that free will choice to walk with the Lord then great will be the rewards we will receive and glory unto God will be the results. Our lives are a reflection of our souls and we all make a choice to give our souls to either God or the Devil I made my choice and God has my soul where is your soul at?

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