Do no harm

For all we do in a days time there is one thing we all could do to make this a paradise and it cost no money at all. Simply when you see someone tell  them hello and be nice to them. Tell you family that you love them and show love to them. Help the person in need as it will come back to you  when you need it the most. Praise God and Je3sus daily  and show them you really love them by following Good rules it is not hard for most of it is what I just said. Be at peace with your surroundings and others as it will promote harmony  among other instead of chaos as the evil ones want. You see to defeat something you starve it out and give it no power to live on the it moves on or goes away.  The world will grow closer and more  independent as we progress  into a new era. A place where you need not worry about war and starving to death but were life is the most important thing next  to God who is the top of all and the giver  of peace and free will the ultimate  gift we could ever have for he tells us not how to live but simply guides us in a direction of “Do no harm”. That is where the evil ones have the problem. They are lead by the Devil who  is the king of lairs and destruction as he wants to drag all down to the pits of hell with him and from my view point he will take many unless we start showing them what God means by living as God said.  I often say the best  way to show people is to ” lead by example”, be the one who spends their time helping and when the time comes help  will always be there .

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