The only choice

There are a lot of people in the world so entwined with the matrix that they will never be able to be removed. These are the one who will fight to keep it to there death and they know the playing field as well as us.  Sad but true for they are friends and family coworkers and such and as we will fight to follow God and his laws they will fight to keep mans laws to the death if need be. There will be some defectors who will see that it is not man but Satan who is controlling the laws man makes. We have to have one hundred percent faith in God and his son Jesus that we will know our hearts are in the right place. Never let anyone tell you that you must do this or that to live for in the end you really only have two choices death or death. One death will lead you to eternal damnation and the other to eternal glory. People from time to time just because I chose to fight evil tell me “I will kill you” all I do is pat them on the shoulder and say good luck with that for my faith tells me I need not worry about those for they are doomed and my heart and my mind and my right hand is with God. I chose to put my thought with and about God ,I show it by trying to help all lost people good or evil to the light and my works are for the benefit of what God wants me to do. When you get to that point in life where Satan can not control you through fear and it has no power over you you are free. You will have peace in you the the Devil can never remove from your heart and you will know where you go after you leave this Earth. May peace be with all and may you show love to all.

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