True Power

The signs of our time are there for everyone to see. The elite do not even try to hide the fact that world domination is their goal. We as a people must take the time to look at the plans of the ones who are trying to rule the world. If I were to tell you that most of you have to die to make my world a better place then you would come unglued so to speak. With good right as self preservation is the thing that wakes us up in the morning and drives our free will. God knows what and when we will do everything not because he makes it happen but that he knows what we will do and when. If we take the time to study what free will really is we would then be scratching our heads as to how God can know. He is not bound by time as we are so to him time means nothing as it does to us. If you were to be immortal as he then time would mean nothing to you so how is it we always try to put God in our shoes so to speak. The best way to look at life is that we make choices that God has already known and we can deviate from the little things but our hearts always point us in directions we may not understand at the moment but God does and that is what it takes to make the world go around. Throw into the mix the devil and then you come up with the other side of the equation that most do not know “the chaos that the devil has chosen as his weapon”. To give in to the evil that he would have us believe is the only way is to be ignorant of the good book which tells us there are better things coming to us in the end. We must stand up to evil and fight the implantation of the devils plan as dictated to the elite by him. Just because the devil said so does not make it true. If you wish to fight the NWO the have plenty of children to ward off their plans and notions. It is this simple thing as well as training your children to follow God and Jesus to find the truth about the devil which is chaos. I love everyone even those who are under the devils control for through my love the one thing that burns them for the only want fear and power  but unknown to them they possess no power for that can only come from the holy spirit and that my friends is true power.

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