Control Freaks

The future is not written so they say but God does know the future and  that is fact.So if we are supposed to have free will how can that be if God already knows what is going to  happen. Simple he knows what are choices will be thus knowing the future. It is not that he writes the destiny of all of us but because he knows what is in our hearts and therefore he knows how things play out. It is something that the devil does not know but gives God the upper hand. We all make choices that affect everyone else in life but it is not meant for us to know how that would create chaos in the world so that is why very few really know what the future holds.  The evil controllers of the world think they know but they are as clueless as the devil is. We all have the upper hand as long as God is the one in  control and believe me when  I say he will always be in control.

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