No more rules

The state of affairs that we are in is very sad. The love I have for everyone is greater than people  could understand. We are no longer free and no longer christian as a country. The belief we hold in our hearts is not what the rulers of this world want. The stuff they would have us believe is not of our God and his son Jesus but of the devil himself. The  good news is we have many veterans  and police who were not brainwashed so we do have hope but understand the biggest thing we have is a reason to fight and something to fight for. We must have belief in our God and his son that he will only let them do what he is going to let them do. I have said many times that what man starts God will finish and that is a fact but with that said we will have to have great faith and the need to confront evil for the good of everyone. Yes people will die but that is the birthing pains that was talked about in the the good book. Zero tolerance should be our stand and we should never let any other level be our standard but ours.   Love is the key but remember do not fall down and die but stand up and fight for your friends and family  till death is that is God’s will but never lose faith and hope for that is what made the great nation we all knew.

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