All the days of our lives

For  I see many things I fear not for I know that I have loved ones who see me for what I am. No more than a man who loves everyone. They see the truth that God and his son Jesus have that same kind of love for all of us and I thank him everyday for this gift. The beautiful wonders of nature that abound the world around us. The sweet smell and taste of the thing we see. The colorful things that present themselves to us for our eyes to enjoy. The laughter that we have when good times and memories are found in our lives. The sounds of little children playing meaning no harm to anyone but just the joy that they find in their games. I can only hope that there will be days ahead that bring this to the front of our society we live in that what really matters is truth  and peace for them to enjoy. May peace be with the one who ask and love fill the hearts that listen. Listen to your inner voice to find these and all other things God has to offer for it is when you listen to him you will receive these gifts we all need  to be better people on this planet called Earth in this country we call America. Love is the solution and peace is the result of the path of our LOrd Jesus Christ may peace be with you all the days of your life.

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