Fact of life

Everyone would like to thing themselves as the master of their own domain. It is in our nature to be this way, I say what will happen to me or I decide what is right for me.That is all fine and good but the forces that are at play in the world are greater than us. Just because we do one thing thinking we are the ones in charge of our surrounding does not make it so. We are all being controlled by a ruthless gang of control freaks. They want to dictate to us all of our ways of life and in their minds we demand too much. The fact is they are trying to kill off about ninety percent of us in way we would never think possible. We must stand up and say that this is unacceptable. We said nothing when they took our right to privacy and everyone yelled we need this to protect ourselves. We said nothing when they said we will just kill anyone because they are a terrorist and we yelled yes please save us from the bad guys. They kill people to take their land and we say good there are too many people in the world anyway. They put people in jail and kill them for their belief in God and Jesus and we say I am glad it is not here but my point is an old saying “give them an inch and they take a mile”. Well they have taken many miles from us and we will be herded into small camps of squalor that have no escape were we will be no more than entertainment for them. When will it end when we are dead or when we fight back ? I could never live on a prison planet but that is me for it will take more than me to stop them and that is just a fact of life.

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