Playing God

What are false flag events and Soft kill, Hard kill, Man Made Weather and other such events you may ask and why does everyone keep talking about them. This I can explained and I will break into sections with examples so as everyone understands them but first let us get some definitions about key words. These are Websters definitions for these words.

ter·ror·ism : the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.
geno·cide: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.

To start with let me point out that our government are the biggest terrorist in the world controlled by the United Nations and NATO. This should come as no surprise to any as we torment the whole world. The United Nations (UN) has many global Elite agendas they are working on at this very moment and have new plans all of the time. I will list the different types and methods they are using.
Let us start with there biggest weapon the false flag This is when they take and create a event that make people scream for the solution that they know they would never get under everyday life. 9/11 is a classic false flag event they destroyed the twin towers claiming that terrorist had perpetrated the event when in all reality they  demolished the building to save money that it would have cost for legal demolition.
The next one on the list is the soft kill or thing that wait a few years to happen like the Genetically modified organism which studies have shown cause sterility in mice after three generation or less complete with birth defects and all or the vaccines which have the cancer virus and other such thing that cause a bunch of bad things to happen like autism and such or in India where when given the polio vaccine caused paralysis in people who were for the most part healthy. These are just facts that make up our world like them releasinggenetically engineered mosquitoes into the wild as they can be made to cause any number of disorders known to man and even ones we do not know about.

The next thing on our list is the hard kill events that at first may look like nothing bad was done but as it tuns out it was. A “terrorist” releases a biological weapon on the public such as the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack  751 were infected with deadly toxins in The Dalles, Oregon or the 1989 California medfly attack which was meant to cripple the food production in California but the list goes way past all of those as there are many U.S. biological weapons not that they even need to come from the U.S. for it really does not matter where they come from at all just that they kill. Nuclear Weapons are easy to set off and the government has plenty to use. It would only take one to kill L.A., Denver or New York any highly populated area. The effects would last for years and the number of dead would be off the charts. People would beg the government to put them “somewhere safe”.
Never think that they do not have control over more than you think. Chem-trails are real just look up from time to time and you will see them. This is a two part process that allows for them to modify the weather with the use of HAARP. Now these are conspiracy theory to some but their own patents say different research them and you will see many times they have used them like Katrina or the big tornado outbreak last year and this or the strange weather we have had. If that were not enough we must also look at man made earthquakes that are prevalent around the world also done with HAARP so do your research and make plans get right with God and Jesus for that will give you the best chance to make through these times.

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