Living around the greys

When you get placed in a position in life were you are surrounded by what I will refer to as the grey people the ones who think they can live on both sides of life you know good and evil where they think this will go on forever. This is a dilution on their part for they will be on a side and it will not be good. The fact is the grey area that they walk is going away and will never return. The sides are being chosen and the line are being drawn so that a person will fight for what they perceive it to be correct even if it is not.  As  I say the road to hell has many people on it and that are the ones who live on the grey side of life and made no choice but to try and stay on something that is not there. We will be confronted by these people in the coming years and will have to defeat them or die trying and I read the book were the good guys win in the end. God is making the grey area go away. We will the be on a side and by not choosing we made a chose although not the you or I would but the fall back choice of the devil or evil. You see a person has to make a choice to be with God and Jesus it not the default option that belongs to the devil so wake up and get right with God before it is too late.

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