If you were to go out and get a new car you would expect that it run good and be trouble free for at least a ccouple of years.
It would not be more then you expect in life. So why is when it comes time to elect people to public office we do not expect the same?
The Republican party does no more then look out for the rich and the Tea party is worse then they are. So it would seem that
all the good things that the Democrats have done they would be the party to beat. What is up are they “scared” to talk about things
they have done and accomplished through the past two years? Is it really that bad of a record to go on? let’s study this and see.

1. Health care reform is something we really needed in our country and the fact that everyone likes some parts of it even the
insurance companies says that it is about as middle of the road as you can get mind you the Republicans did not cast a single idea
or vote on it yet they chose to run on it saying that it just needs a little tweaking.
2. Finance Reform stops banks and credit card companies ect. from raping us out in public a small step but good one. As a side
note people are paying of their debt at an atounding rate never seen before.
3.American Business Act really does help “Small Business” to grow and create jobs and I mean small business as in mom and pop
small not billion dollar small.
4. Climate change reform that rolls back a lot of Bush’s EPA stand that done way more harm then good and holds polluters
responcable parties accountable for polluting.
Those are but just four major things that got past the republican party even though there have been record attemps to halt any
progress at all on anything. We should show are support of the change that is taking place and elect people that will at least
offer some other ideas and debate not stop the debate on change.

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