Global takeover of USA

There is if left unchecked in the world an evil plan to depopulate the world by ninety percent and that would mean we all must die. it is not that I want to kill off all the people I want all the people to live in the world. The elite of the world the top six banks and about four or five oil companies  will not take vaccines of eat the food in the store or drink the water out of the tap because they know what they did to all of this stuff. This is where they know the truth and and their plans as I know most of this plan and know the fact that we can stop anything we chose to so the question is what side are you on.  Everyone will be on one side or the other and NOW is the time everyone pick that side. I choose Jesus and our Father in the Heavens and his holy plan. To think that it will go away is not right at all for it will not. They think they can just walk into this country and have their way with all of us. Here is a few examples of this 1.anonymous site tools and currency they say that this is wrong that they use this and anyone who uses it is breaking the law. 2.shuts down free music site with the claim that it will ruin the music industry were as in reality they help thousands get noticed by the public. 3. take your passport and drivers license for not paying your taxes meaning this would be a prison country were you have no rights. this not all or even a good list but they have no low they will go the next big step is the chip I will not get it or take it they will just have to kill me. So you think you will not use money well think again in Michigan pigs on farms are illegal to have and they make you shot or they shot these pigs. I may not have pigs on a farm but understand that is just the start were they intend to take all small farms with good food to be removed by force if need be.  I say this we must make plans and join forces as a team to stop this for the good of our family and friends that they may live through this. I know that I am called a terrorist and my name is on all their list even the one that said I am wrong. I know that I have done no wrong but I keep on trying to stop them I will be looking for a forum to get group idea’s on fixing this so keep up to find out more.

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