Save the children

Your children are the most important thing you should worry about. This is just a fact of life. Some children are well behaved and some are what people refer to as problem children so if you take a independent look at them you can find a number of why reasons they are. Most are related to the structure that they are   subjected to as they grow up. The way they are treated is what they return to their parents if it be good then you will reap good if mean and bad then that is what you reap. There is no way to change this other than change the way and influence they are subjected to. It is also not just what the parents do or that it is even the parents fault but what they are subjected to like other children or television or games the list can go on forever. The fact is even if you yourself do not subject a child to bad/evil things they are subjected to all of the time and that is were as parents we must take matters into our own hands and keep watch on what they do and look for changes more so what caused the change. The simple step of turning your back for a moment does not at first seem like a big deal but anyone can die or kill someone in a second or be shown some occult material. Most of television is no more than brainwashing for people so once you come to that conclusion it is not a far stretch to see that evil forces use that and schools among other items to program our children to be the way they want not the way we want and the only way to stop them is to take a proactive role in how your children are raised.

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