The fall of the republic is here

The fall of the republic is in full swing now. At a site for Chinese good at wholesale their prices went up 125% overnight literally and that would indicate that our currency has lost about the same value. We are in for some hard times. All I can tell  people is buy a lot of gold and silver while the prices are being suppressed by the ones in charge so when it takes a truck load of money to buy food for your home you can just cash in it for what you need. The fact is they have no intentions of giving us more pay so to balance the equation they most make the dollar worth less. That way they move us into squalor’s without doing anything to us as a rule but the results are still the same. There are those who would dismiss this as a rumor but as I say facts do not lie. The site will remain nameless for now but believe me when I say this to be a fact. Friends have belief in God and Jesus for they will make sure we have what we need maybe not what we want. Love will be the way we must follow to come through this unscathed.

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