We will live to see a day when everyone will embrace and kiss hug and only have the greatest of love and regard for each other. This will be the time of rejoice for the king has returned and the good news is almost all of us will live to see those days. There will be no wars or famines but peace and goodness will abound the world not corruption and chaos  as it is now. The fact is it is this way because of the devil and his evil ways for he thinks that we do not deserve peace and goodness but evil chaotic ways. Why someone would what that is beyond me but that is what he and everyone who believes in him want. The fact is there is no reason we should not have moved past all the chaos and torment but for him and those who believe in him. Love is the one thing he rejects and will never know truly but as God and Jesus said we should know this and it should be our guide in life. If you were to take a moment and look into someones eye past the surface into their souls you could see the real them and that is why if you truly love someone when you look in their eyes you see more than color but the spirit. That is the true person they are not what they say they are but the soul tells us they are. The soul never lies only the devil and the person.

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