Warning to the world Power Mongers

The last thing anyone would want to do is something that would cause them harm. I do not go with the gut instinct that tells me to shut up and hide.  I do not kiss peoples butts and say what they want me to. I do not care if I piss off the whole world if it were to wake up the whole world to the truth about what is going on. I will say this walking by myself is getting pretty old but it will not deter me just make me more determined to succeed on my mission of enlightening the world  as to the truth. Believe me when I say there is much that goes on from them questioning the world about who has the most gun in their town or who got the biggest guns. I hope there are so many guns in our country that all the solders in the world are scared to come here and fight us. I would be I know that. When granny can pop a cap in someone to save her life I would think that the others in this country would do the same. So word to the power mongers of the world stop before it is to late.

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