What Love Is

What is love ? Is something that can be held or seen or a disorder that needs treatment or is it just a feeling that we get when someone comes close to us  that we care about. The truth is love is the most talked about and least understood feelings we can have and you will spend your whole life looking for it or trying to keep it around you. The fact is there is no better thing that a person can feel in life. Love is the one thing that we should spend our lives trying to learn for it is the one thing that no bad comes from. To have that special someone in your life is the best feeling that you can possess. The strange thing is not all people that love someone have that feeling returned to them. It is not that they hate in most cases just that they do not have that connection we call love in their souls and it is not something we can force on someone either. It must be something that is grown you see you can take any two people and isolate them and over time they will grow to love each other. That is just a fact of life so if you could do that then why is it that we can not grow to love all around the world and have peace? Jesus talked about this saying that we should love all even the ones who are evil as it could turn to good, fill them with light so to speak. It is when you are filled with light that you can love for a person who is in the darkness can never love for love is the light.

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