A Crazy World

The world is a crazy place right now. The recent announcement that Anonymous is threatening to shut down the internet. The hierarchical command system in this group as time has shown us is under the  government. Do not get me wrong there are many good people who think they are on the side of good with this group. For the most part they are they just do not know the truth. The truth is that the government is the ones who decides what that group does. They are setting everyone who is part of it to fall.  The back door in all of the software was put there by the government. They did it to spy on all but to serve a purpose  they will exploit it and say look we need to do something. They always make a problem that only a new law will fix. The new law is the very thing they wanted all along but it was the problem they created that made the law they already wrote possible. We should just make them know that it is the people that really run things. As I have said before we control the world but are too busy to to make laws so we leave that other we elect to do that and they are supposed to be on our side  with the laws but we have learned they only worry about the elite of the world. So I say we need to clean house this fall and throw  out anyone who is there. Start from scratch so to speak and build a new country based on the novel concept of the constitution.

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