A better world vol. 2

In the world we live in on the planet we inhabit in the solar system it resides, we the people of Earth need to stop with the trivial games we are playing, and move on to better things. It is not that there are not better things for us to do just at the moment we chose not to do them. If I were to give up and crawl into the street and die only my family would notice. In a developed society we would learn to move past all of this to greater things that we on Earth need to worry about.

If we will ever make it to the next level in life we must first learn that war, fighting, greed, evil are the wrong direction in life. This is just a fact that we will either go one of two ways number one is we get to the point that we learn to conquer the planet in a good way or option two we destroy  the world. I do not know about anyone else but I do not want to die so I chose life.

The continuation of my family and history that we as a people chose are the main goals of mine. I chose to make good contributions to the world and get past the evil even defeat it for the good of all of our race.

As I have said in the past if something has no value it has no control either so let us take away their hold by making all they subject us to  worthless and meaningless for it is at that point we win and only good will prevail. The very notion that we must have this or that is insane to begin  with for all we need is our family and friends to make  our lives a better place.

The work  that we must do should not be thought of in days months or even years but generations as the Native Americans used to go by when they would ask what will happen for the next three generations of our lives when we do this.  To start with that and build the planet into the true place we would all like it to be. This  is one of the greatest gifts we could give humanity not a war with whoever or a one world whatever for neither will fix anything or solve anything at all. If anything it would only make it worse. When you hear people say that love and peace are the true paths to victory do not look down on them for they have better insight than you do in life and they are already victors.

We all must look at our end game not theirs and then we can then come up with a plan that exclude them having any say in anything that matters at all for if we put our trust in God not evil we win as for evil brings down all and takes away free will and choice from all that we love in our daily  lives.

Let us take a look at even the most controlled populations of the world and we would see that even they have a choice to make. Even if it only “do what we say or die” and you see from time to time they chose death. Remember though they still had a choice they could make so I say let to us as race of beings that we widen the number of choices everyone on the world has by defeating the bankers and oil companies and everyone who tries to control us through force. We should take their control away by getting back to what we as a race do best and adjusting, correcting and changing the things so as  to exclude them altogether.

Victory will be ours at that point but it starts with discussion and planning. Long term plans that circumvent them and their products and goods. If you really look at our lives what is the most important thing we need and the answer is each other and in peace not war for for to have a war is losing and that  peace is winning just remember that  when we go about our daily lives and look at how to fix the World. Even if everyone can just place one speck of sand in the right place at the right time to solve one little thing at a time. As the list gets checked off and problems are solved things will get better. Even with a this struggle we will all still have jobs to do and lives to live and our planet will still turn, the sun will set and rise, and people sleep and wake.

Let us start with hunger through out the world, then we could work on alternative power that is safe and eternal with only equipment failure to worry about. A place where the only politics you worry about is in your area. For all intents and purposes there is no central government just a global code of conduct.

  1.  Everyone is born free with all the rights that come with it.
  2.  Everyone is equal in life the ditch digger is the same as the doctor.
  3. Peace and love are the rule of life and negative energy should be treated as an illness.
  4. Treat others as we treat ourselves.
  5. Everything should be done in balance with the natural resources.
  6. Medicine is not a companies job but an individual responsibility.
  7. Do not play God with the environment.
  8. War is not allowed if a person disagrees with someone they take it up with them in a council of elders.
  9. With no World power they resources once used by countries for war will be put to rebuilding the Earth.
  10. Exploration of things, places, and knowledge is to benefit all there is no copyright or restrictions.

It is not to taken as a complete list or even a direction but if you lived in a place where was this was the rule you would not see bad things happen all of the time. It would lead to peace and compaction throughout the globe thus being a better place to live.

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