Bring It On

The whole notion that people are stupid is it’s self stupid.As a rule we know more than you think we do. We are the ones making the world go around. We are the ones who get up every morning and make sure that you have your paper and your food gets  cooked. When your house catches on fire we are the ones putting it out for you. We are the99 percent that you hear about on the news and see in the streets. We are the people who take our time and sell it to you not because we like you but because you stole all the money. We would much rather be doing stuff for our families and friends. In the end there can only be one we answer to and that is God and his son Jesus Christ. We must never lose sight of that in our lives for  a world without God is a cold world indeed. SO we have been getting our plans ready and our families ready have you. Are you truly ready for the coming times ahead or are you just going to sit back and let the world go to hell because if you are then we want it back. I know that it is messed upright now but we can fix that with time and effort. All you have done can be undone. So my question to you is are you ready for killings in the street and riots everywhere you look because that is what awaits you  right now. I will never give up and I will never surrender and I will only believe  in God and his loving son so bring it on big guy.

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