Sad days ahead

There is a lot going on that there is little we can do anything about. It is not that most of us would not if we could. Now begins the time of selective censorship of the internet or as some would say internet version 2.0 and that is scary. That would mean we could not believe what was left. Why would we even try to go on at that point you may ask, well our only other option is to give up and I will not do that. We must fight on, we must not give in and we must not let them win at any cost. For a preview all we must do is look to counties likeChile and you will see what they plan on doing. This is right before the point where they start putting black bags over people heads. That would be a bad thing at least for me. You people can decide for yourselves. The freedom we all grew up with is now gone for the moment and now comes the time where we need to fight back for it. We all need to pray for God and his loving son Jesus Christ to be with us. We must never give up and we must never give in. The future is in our hands and we can not afford to let it get away from us. I will continue this on the other site as it may make some people unhappy[not my readers].

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