Welcome to the new site

I will be using this as the main site and you will see post here that will not show up on the other site. I am working on setting up a forum that will be for registered users only. You must have a log in to post comments because of spam that caused so mush grief for me on my last site. I do not wish to move this site around anymore then I have to but all your personal info is private [see here] and it is more in the line of how I feel. I am going to be releasing my book called The Xenophed Project Volume 1 and it will be for free as an E-book and I am looking into having it printed as well for a small fee. I want to have a members only area where people can discuses issues with me personally and it will be a lot of fun. I will be doing some new videos on my YouTube channel so keep your eye out for that. Also I will be baiting the hook for the evil ones as now that I have migrated my site I thought I would have some fun with FatCow and see how much we can get away with so keep checking back on that. So to everyone keep checking back here for the latest.

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