Kill switch activated

Fellow blogger and  truth teller site is getting blocked. Watch the following video and to Popeye you know who is doing it and to tell you the truth I am surprised they waited this long to do it. They have never been known to be forthcoming about things. Everyone go to Fedrealjack and help a fellow person fighting the evil upon us. He has some great stuff on his site too.There are threats to us that are very big first the press it shut down [first amendment] the next will be the second amendment [the right to bear arms] they already have eliminated the third amendment [ using private homes as quarters for soldiers during peacetime } have you not heard of emanate domain] fourth amendment [illegal search and seizure] fifth sixth eight amendment [forbids punishment without due process of law] that happened 12-31-2011 as per the NDAA and finally the tenth amendment which is to prohibit the states from exercising their own law. Here is the video showing what they are doing.

They are turning off his domain name anytime they feel like it just as they have mine every now and then. The only way to stop them is to bring it out in the open for everyone to see. I will show you by putting up a test article that I know they will shut off my site for a while later this weekend. So people do not get worried it is just a demo to prove a point.
To show how far they will go watch this video and decide for yourselves.

We could keep going on down the rabbit hole if you want.

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