Deaf Ears

Round two people in how to deal with deaf people. My second E-mail to congressman Steven M. Palazzo as I have heard no response from the first and he still has not signed on to H.CON.RES.107 in fact none of them have at all, NO ONE.

The following information has been submitted:

Name: Dean Plude


Telephone: Voice



Message Subject: Impeachment
Message Text:
I have noticed that you have not signed on to H.CON.RES.107 yet. I have a popular blog online The Xenophed Project and I posted my last E-mail to you their as everyone in the world can see your none action I also see you are running for reelection in my district well maybe everyone around here should know about your inability to take a simple step or are you too busy talking to the people who control you because you are not doing the will of the people. Not everyone is ignorant of what goes on up there it must be the water or something. As the last time I will post this on the main page of my site and the next time I will send it to some local papers as I have connections you know friends. How do you think that will help your reelection bid? In a couple of days I will send you another E-mail if no action or response is sent to me.

best regards

Dean A. Plude

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