Solution number one: throw all the evil ones in jail

The following is an E-mail that I sent to my local congressman Steven M. Palazzo to push him into what most would think is a simple choice. Everyone I know that it takes a couple of minutes to do but contact your local congress person and tell them to send Obama to jail where all of us would go if we break the law.

Name: Mr Dean Plude


Telephone: Voice



Message Subject: Impeachment
Message Text:
As I wrote you and most of congress about a year ago or so that What the president did was against the constitution and you simply replied that it was not you committee and let it go at that well know because of your ignorance he does not even feel that you people have any say in any war he wants to start. In a senate hearing of the joint chiefs of staff Sec. Panetta said he would look for international support and did not care about congress. So we elected you into office to serve our will and most importantly uphold what little of the constitution we have left. H. Con. Res. 107 looks to correct one of the many crimes against the people of our country the president has done. If you believe in justice then you should not have any problem with the Res. and sign it to show your support for his actions. I would hope that with all of the illegal things he has done you would at least do that much for you colleges back in your home district or maybe we should look into what side of the constitution you are on.

Feel free to use this as a template for your E-mail to your congress person.

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