Paint a Picture

In life we all use words to paint pictures of people things places events etc.. The picture we paint might be based on facts but it is what we wish to portray to people and that is o.k.  by me. It is not I who painted the picture but others if I am the one looking at the picture of someone else design it will be my interpretation of it but their work. They may not choose to follow the facts but paint a fictional picture that distorts the truth about events. That is not O.K. by me for I try to only be truthful about life events. I never know the reason why they chose to lie but I always know the results of it chaos pure and simple. It but a fact that lies only lead to lies and more lies. My question is to what end do they think they are going to get. Everyone who lies gets caught, everyone. It will always come back on them even if they just “painted a picture”.

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