There is defiantly no logic to human behavior. Bjork once wrote that in a song, it is true. Some people are hard to figure out even if you have a map of their brain. It is the whole free will ting that God has going on and I personally love my free will. I know how to use it for the betterment of mankind. It is the ones who thing they need to take over our free will that is the problem. Their opinion is that we are to stupid about the world to know what to do and their’s is a perverted way of looking at things. There is free energy or as some would say new energy devices I have seen them work in person. They will never let that out because it loosens their grip of control the indentured servitude they have us in. We are paying a something that can never be payed off and they are doing their best  to keep it that way. I did not choose to have a world this way as I know that most of the world did not either. Did you know they want laws that make it illegal to eat fresh home grow food. What’s up with that? They do not want cures and healthy living it cuts into their bottom line. As George Carlin said “They are coming for our social security and they’ll get it.” We  can stop all of this through peaceable resistance and non-participation.

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