Let’s go to War

Well it has started, They officially declared the US congress nothing more than a mouth piece and they have no say in anything going on. My question to congress is the following did you not think that they would do this. Where did you think all of this was going anyway. There is going to be a war of the world and it starts now I do not mean you will see tanks on the streets  but if we sat anything like for example I do not agree with this plan. I like freedom and liberty in my life. With a clean record I am not allowed to purchase a gun and I know that it is because of my site this is possible. My word to them is I do not need a gun I can READ and learn how to circumvent the system of control they are placing in control of our world. Did you know that you can drop off the map so to speak with out going anywhere. Why is it they want everyone to have a cell phone, for our safety. I do not think so it is so they know where everyone is at all times. From this point things will go down hill fast and we need to keep up with all their plans and movements. We all should have no qualms about the election it has been ridged and matters not. Leon Panetta said there is no need for the congress to say anything we just go to war with anyone we want. That is congress being told you mean nothing.

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