Do you think that everyone in the world would come together if I told all that I love them well if that is all it takes then “I Love Everyone”. We all know that it will take more than that to fix all the problems and we should love all. Maybe a good pat on the back when we do right? Maybe that helping hand you give someone who does not say thank you. Possible but I know that some find it real hard to say thing like that, I do. I can pour my feeling and heart out to everyone and find it very hard to do the same for my own children and it not because that I do not love them for I would give my life to save their’s. It is a strange thing when we can seem closer to strangers then our family. This however is not the truth for our children should know that they are the reason that we get up in the morning. They have known us their whole life and us but part of their’s. So when you see your son or daughter look them in the eyes and say “I Love You”. It is but a small but big part in fixing the world as we know it.

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