I am a vessel for the soul. The soul  is what God  knows and his part of us. My body, the container of the soul creates my perception of events that make up my life. I live to achieve my goals in my life and as the one driving this body I can make my own series of events that I wish to take place in my life. We have let the media take control of our lives to the point that we do not even get out in the sun enough to keep us healthy. They pump us full of chemicals every day to the point of near comma conditions in us. They want us to have just enough energy to work all day but not enough to keep up our health.  Everyone should be fit enough to walk a mile with no trouble but this not the case at all. It could change with proper nutritional input our bodies. With effort on our part we could easily return back to where we were one hundred years ago. As I have said before we progress we must regress as a race. This is a good thing to tell you the truth not that we will lose technology but it will mean less to all who are around. If we just woke up everyday with love in our heart we would be better off to tell you the truth as well. Give healthy living a chance and you will not be sorry. Love God and Jesus Christ with all your heart and love everyone.

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