I will be moving from the current context to one of solution based articles as well as articles about Jesus for inspiration and articles about awakening. This  will help us fix the problems and make a better world. Basically I want to try to do something about the world and make everyone live better. Nothing would bring greater good to Our Father In The Heavens and his son Jesus. I know that there are many solutions around right now not in the future and if we just take them and put them to use we would have a better world.As I broke down in my preparation guide it shows what it would take to live well as also fixing the broken planet we all live on not killing everyone off as government is the number one cause of death from people we should look into doing something about that like cutting off their pay checks or something. We should all really look into eliminating power bills for personal use for example let use  the average family house which uses about two megawatts per month and we break down into daily two-thirds per day would give you sixty-seven kilowatts per day and if you made about fourteen kilowatts per hour that would be all the power you would use on average. Your system would only have to work about four and a half hours a day to give you all the power needed you would the need no money for power and it pretty much takes care of its self at current prices would run about three thousand dollars and would work on most places. With a slight reduction in size could be done for about fifteen hundred dollars.This is but one way we can change our lives out from under their control. There are many other ways and things that can be done and it will all be put under Rebuilding The World. We will first look at power and what we need.

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