I need someone to believe in, someone to trust. I would rather trust a country man than a town man, you can judge by his eyes take a look if you can. He’ll smile through his guard, survival trains hard I would rather trust a man who works with his hands he looks at you once you know he understands. Don’t need any shield when you’re out in the field, but down here I’m so alone with my fear. These words are from a song from Genesis and the album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway – The Chamber Of 32 Doors. What the person in this song is looking for is the same thing we all look for in life trust, love, compation from others you know all the things that give us hope. We should have hope for that is the one thing they can never take or outlaw. It makes us feel good about ourselves and gives us all something to look forward to.
Some would say it is nothing more than a feeling but I beg to differ with them. It is way more than that for it is what our soul gives us and faith is what God ask for from us. When you have faith to believe you do not know the power God. He will let you have it is and great and beyond comprehension to most for example when Sam Cooke was fixing to wreak a car he call out “Jesus take me” he only got a little cut even though he was sitting in the front of a completely destroyed car. Faith and his belief in our creator he lost his fear even though he was about to die in his mind his last word at that moment was to Jesus Christ and that is when you have the power of faith. It is not something you can buy or sell give away but each of us must search for it on our own and you will know when you possess true faith your fear will be gone for with faith there is nothing to worry about, NOTHING. It is at that point you have conquered the world. He will help you in every point of your life even putting the words right in your mouth as it said in Luke “meditate not for He shall give you the words” when talking about persecution from others. I know this for a fact. There is no greater thing than the Holy Spirit filling you up but remember it is a choice. I will not make it for you as you must have faith belief and trust in God and his son Jesus Christ.

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