It all started when I found the green meteorite in my back yard, Oh wait different story.It was as a child I knew that life is something that we all should take with a grain of salt and enjoy at the same time.If you could take all the strength you have and bring it to a single point what would the total output be? You would also say it is something not possible and I say “can’t never could do anything” for once you set that limit on your soul, not body and it will not follow for it does as the soul dictates. Then anything is possible. Why is it you sometimes feel the inability to accomplish things. Is it because of a weak body or just a weak soul. I know that as the soul points the body must follow. It is a simple fact but with that said what feeds the soul starves the body. So how is it you do good for the soul without harming the body. The first thing is to rid of constraints and mental blocks you place on yourselves. They are the soul killer and do nothing but bring doubt to yourself and should not be placed in there to begin with. When they are truly gone then you will possess unlimited power over the body. God did not put us on this planet to have limits but to have control over it but sadly not as we do today, but as it speaks about in the good book. We have been programmed with limits for if they were not there then know one could have control over us. They say all of the time that without limits bad things would happen and in a way they are right, bad things would happen for they would no longer have control over us. It is that control that they place on most of us that gives them power and without power they really do not have anything. They are evil and if you take a moment to look at it from an evil stand point then you would come to know that all the bad things they do they must pay a price for it and it is that price they try to get us to believe is what is necessary to enjoy life but in the end it is not. If we look past the evilness of possessions we would see the bigger picture of life and that is once you have the things you need, food, water then you really do find a different picture unfold before your eyes. One that does not include the trivial things they say you need. All the things we say we need are bought at the cost of others hard work for just food and water. How is it China can beat us at making things it is not that they are better than us, no just more controlled than us. They do not have the choice as  we do and that is why a company can tell them make product X for X dollars and they have no choice they just do but it is because of the non-limits they have. Where they do not know of boundaries that they place on us. They are not at the point that we as humans need to be but are closer than we are. Truth be known we do not even need gadgets to do most of what we wish to for we already have that power in us but because of the limits we place on ourselves we do not use them. A person has the power to communicate with others without a phone or such but chooses not to explore those gifts rather just use the phone. We could explore the notion that we can create things with our mental abilities but that is not on the to-do list for our lifetimes for we were all programmed as to what we can not do. Never look at the possibilities in life just “NO YOU CAN NOT DO THAT”. My response is always the same, why not? Did someone make you the thought police or what? I would not care what people think about me or whatever for it means nothing to me, it is just someone elses oppion and although they have that right, that right stops when you try to tell me no you can not do whatever. As long as we bring no harm to others we can do anything in the eyes of God. That is what I believe and will till the day I die. Not to say that others who do not chose to listen to God and follow his commandments where as the simple truth that all who do listen to him great things await them. We are on a journey on a planet revolving around a star in a ordanary part of a spiral galaxy that has not even begun to evolve into what God envisioned us to be and remember that we are not the only ones who are in this galaxy or universe by a long shot.There are many beings that are as evolved above us as we are to ants even though I think that ants are in some ways more evolved than us. What more than the journey of true enlightenment we could take once we all get past the whole I want to rule the world by force and you need my new gadget I made to make your life complete. It is just not true and never will be. We need to be masters of our lives not each other for it is at that point we know what true peace is. It is a reasonable thing to assume that we are the masters of our own destinies but the sad fact is we master nothing but the trivial pursuits of a very few in charge.” I would rather trust a man who works with his hands for you can look at them and tell where he has been” quote Phil Collins. It is so true when we look at the hard work people put into things we have a sence of greatness that we could be and should be. I look into people’s hearts and can see where they have been and where they intend to go whether it be good or bad. I see truth in people and that has neither a good or bad view point but a truth point and it is important to know this to move past the point we are at and move to the next level we are fast approaching in life. For it is the point of no return for all and the end for others and everyone makes that choice in life not me, not you, but them as people with free will and free thoughts for they dictate their own reality not us. Life will follow the path of least resistance unless move in a different direction by someone and it is the ir free will that does it where as I would never do harm to people, people do harm to people either by choice or neglect. But I drift from the topic of discussion which is expanding our mind to the next level. Being of a different mind-set then most of the population I never let trivial things like no that can not be done stop me, I do not listen to doctors and such as I can read too. I can know more about my body then they do. When I broke my neck and the doctor said and I quote me;”What I will go paralyzed ?” reply doctor; ” No you will die, if you live six months then I would call you lucky”. I guess it is a good thing I do not listen to doctors. More important is I know no limits in life so to me they had already wrote me off so what more harm could they do to me they had done given up on me so I had nothing to lose but much to gain. That was more than ten years ago so was it they were just wrong or was it my power over my body greater than their limits they placed on their selves. I know the answer to that and you also have a good guess as to the truth that what they do not know would fill a book the size of this world. That brought me to the truth that we are but a visitor on this plane of existence and we should make the best of it. Never let others stop the true progress of the mind or the progress of greater goodness that we can achieve. Strength is also something we should have no limits on but we do. If we took the real power of our body and could use it to its full potential we could not even know what that is. Only a hand full of people know what that is and it is more their mind than body that does it. For all intents and purposes someone should never be able to lift a car when the need arises but there are stories all over the place where that very thing takes place when they let go of the choker that was placed on their minds as a child. They do not think but do. There was no thought process that goes into it but instead just an already done deal. It is that non thought that made it possible not the thought that they put into it, there was none just do. We know that there is much for us to learn but in the process we should first learn when to let go of the burdens of this plane of thought and move on to the next plane of thought for it is when we get to the next plane of thought that we will be the ones who look at us at this point in time and say how did we ever make it past those times.

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