World Wars

When a world is at war times change, thoughts change, people change. During the first world war things were different people were at the time fooled by the reason for war but were devoted to the cause because of the belief that they were doing what they felt was right. The second world war people were also fooled and thought they were doing what was right but history has taught us we were once again fooled by a select few in control. Those wars were not long enough for them and could not be sustained for a long period so they had to find better ways to engage the military industrial complex to generate a permeate war that would never end and they thought they had found it with Vietnam but people grew weary of that conflict and demanded that it end there was the cold war but that did not generate the funds that they wanted so they had to come up with a bigger plan thus a group created the Wolfowitz Doctrine. A plan the much as the novel 1984 by author O. G. Wells created an invisible enemy that could for all intents and purposes never be found for they never really existed. It brought about a thing called problem, reaction, solution. A clever way (by their standards) of making events that bring people to accept the very thing they wanted in the first place. A situation were you put the public demanding the very things you want. Things that they would never agree to any other time but after preplanned events they scream for it. The Patriot Act would never pass in normal times but after 9/11 it was very easy to do. It gives those people the very power to end our freedoms as we knew them to be. We would never just kill American people for their thoughts or beliefs but after that it was not a problem even though they worked for our government they were expendable people and all was good untill you start to look at the big picture of the world for it is at this point you realize we are once again in a world war but one that for their reasoning can never be stopped and that means lots of power and money for them. To put things into context I was walking over to a friends house one day when the police stopped me ask a few questions and let me go on my way. A few feet down the road and more police stopped me and I grew irritated about being stopped so much and told the police they had no right to do that to which they replied the following statement and I will quote them ” We do not need a reason to question you. We do not even have to arrest you but we can throw you in our car take you away and tell no one. We do not have to let you make a phone call and we do not have to charge you all we have to do is say “domestic terrorist” and no one will ever see or hear from you again”. That was right after they pass the patriot act and I knew there was a bigger plan then just a few radicals people they were hunting. They were flexing their mussels so  to speak. It makes the ones in charge feel big and is ment to make the rest of us feel intimidated about their power. For the most part people keep walking around, sleeping not knowing of even their own statement to me. I do not talk about it much but as the time grows closer to the quickening I feel the need to let everyone know about the truth. The fact is we will never win the war on terror because it was never meant to be won. That is why they picked that topic for a war. One with no enemy or clear person to attack or even a country to blame it on they said Afghanistan but all they wanted was some income for their country and there is that pipeline deal they struck with them it’s all good from their point of view and no none seems to care and no one seems to notice. There is also the Arab uprising that is going on that also is part of the true global war or as I say World War they have going on. The terrorist are the ones who are starting the uprising and call it democracy but they are terrorist and the governments they put in are worst then the ones they kicked out. Look at the countries and the resources they posses and then you will see why they are doing it. If you believe as I do that the banks are in charge then you would know that money from their point of view is power. When you have unlimited power politics is the sport they often chose and world politics is the ultimate sport for them to engage in. They feel that we the people do not posses the needed intelligence to rule ourselves so they feel it is their duty to rule us by force if that is what it takes and the do not care if they kill off several billion of us or so they also say there are too many of us in the world. From their point of view we take up too much of the natural landscape. The only hope we have is not a person because one can fail but as a group standing up against the few or more importantly an idea because idea’s are bullet proof.

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