Time left to live

I have learned that much goes on in a days time.  For example person A wakes up as person B goes to bed or someone decides to pillage the village while someone has the job of stopping them. It is all part of the game we all call life.The very fact we even notice people are that they obstruct are way or view.There however more going on than that by a long shot.Everything it takes to make the world as we know it go around. Not to say that the world would not turn if we were not here but that we would not be here to know the difference about it. I know that things are always at play everyday even though I do not see or accolade them as a rule.I know that when I wake up there will be a person who rides around looking for trouble and if there is a fire there will be someone there to put it out or if I were to get in to an accident someone will be there to put me back together or dig a grave if need be. The point I am getting at is there is a compilation of people who make up this planet some good, some bad but people just the same. It is not whither they chose to be one way or the other as long as they believe in what they are doing. I may not agree with them but that is the best thing about this world is I can. Even in a dictatorship I can disagree I may be put to death but it would have been my choice. In the end though the world will keep turning as long as the good Lord choses for it to, and me, you, or no one else can change that. The people who think the world will end this year are very ignorant as God said when Jesus was asked the question of when that time would be he said no one knows of that time not even the angels in the heavens only him. I am here to say that other events have to take place before that time and some are a thousand years long, we have a few years to go yet and I will leave it at that.

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