Dissertation for childhood learning

When you are first born or even before you are a blank slate or is there some inherint things that come with you.What is learned behavior and what is natural behavior.To put it another way what is genetic and what is taught.My beliefs is that we all have a symbiotic relationship bettwen our soul and the human body were the soul can pass down from gerneration to generation the body is an one life time thing.A shelll for the soul to inhabit.The very things that we all love about life are our sence of smell, taste, feeling, sounds, and sight.They make up all we call our lives and memories connections etc. are all things of the body, but is that all there is. Do we live learn and then die and that is all.What is the perpose of the soul anyway.As close as I have determind the soul is what makes you the way you are your perception of the world is based on your soul’s take on things.It is what gives us that drive to find out what is what.The body is the veseal that makes it all possiable for us.Everything you learn is stored in your mind to reflect on through out your life and it is what makes your perception of events yours and no one elses.We could be standing next to each other and at a single moment take a snapshot of the world we are both looking at and write it down.Neither one would be the same for my perception will never be yours but that is what makes this world so good.I can look at a person and know that I love them were you would look at that same one and only hate or dispise them to the core.What makes that the way it is is your soul for it dictates your personality to the world the way you learn and look at it.

If all of the world was as simple as people make it out to be there would be no problems to speak of.Everyone would grow and develope the same in life and all would be good.If you were to however throw programing or as some would say brainwashing into the mix of things those who are predispossed to a free thought process would tend to reject the programing they throw at those people and not take well to it.If you throw into the mix exceptional children who for all intents and perposes already know the information or have a deeper understanding of things then those who are tring to teach them then it would be as a blind man tring to teach colors to people.Now if you undrestand those perspectives then let us go a step further and say that the ones who already know something and are restless or bored cause by their very nature of having a greater understanding of the inner working of things or events the need to entertain themselves by any meens required as they think of the people in charge and their fellow peirs to be ignorant of what they percive to be simple events or things.You would come up with ADHD or as I would call it the smart children of the world.If you were to look back fifty years or so you would not see a diagnosis of ADHD and futhermore those were the very people who changed the world in which we live in today we will delve into some of those people who in today’s time be called ADHD but were taught that learning is something you never outgrow.They for the most part never fit into public schools and required privite or home schooling to gain knowlege of their enviroment and were never taught that there were limits to what they could do or how to percive the world.The very thought that a person can only follow a certain path to learning or education is ludicrist and should never be taken as the only way become the one who changes the world. Free thinking is something frowned upon in today’s society as a rule but that is the very problem with today’s world as we are being systematicly forced not to think out of the box that the few in charge want us to live in.

Let us see what they really want in a worker of today’s time and how they force this agenda upon the people of the world and the ones who are not subjected to regimate of learning and we will also take a look at the ones who do not fall into this pattern of leaning as well as the ones who reject this regime.By no meens am I calling those children stupid by the contrast they are very intelligent and that is were the problems begin.In the state I live in we have the highest I.Q. rate of the whole country but as a rule we are called dumb.We “chose” to live in a differnt way then most.We enjoy the simpler things life has to offer because as someone once said the smarter the people the simpler their games. Life for it is something you learn and that life is but a stopover and you should enjoy every moment of it.

Let me tell you about several children from around here and you can judge for yourselves as to their mental capacity in life.Their is a two year old child that can not only say her ABC’s but idenify them as well were as that may not seem that big of a deal I know a great number of children that at age six can not do that.A four year old child that can not only read books but write things down about them and have a discotion about the story line of that book. How about the five year old boy who in school used to read collage level books on cemistry so he could learn how to make bombs after all you are talking about a little boy and as a rule little boys like nothing better than to make things go boom. The five year old girl who when given a I.Q. test only missed two questions I would note that she did not want to take the test.

My question to all of you is way the school system as it is set up, create learning or punishment for those types of children? Are they going to be taught or drug down by the school? Will the results of such training be good or counter productive to those children as to make it appear that they have a real problem or just a lack of intrest in what is being taught? In more advanced societies they single out such children for education that provokes a greater learning rate as to their real abliities and knowlege they have.They are tested for their true levels and then and only then are they put in classes that meet their level of thought. The results are very differnt and history has taught us that some because of their very soul tend to think outside the box so to speak.

In our society the ones in charge tell us that it is bad and that child is a problem child and needs medication to cope with their regimat that they are pushing on us all.I know from my childhood ( being one of those children ) if taught at the level of their ability that they could very well lead the world into a greater place that goes beyond anything that we know to be. Imagine a world were money status and posessions meen nothing at all but what you can do to be harmonious to the group as a whole.Your goals would be those of community and the betterment of everyone.Service would be part of the learning process that everyone would go through to fill ourselves with the wounder of the universe.The Chiniese knew this a long time ago for they were the ones who coined such sayings as “Not knowing is the first step to knowlege”.They knew that you first have to realize that you are ignorant about something before you can do something about it. That is how schools were developed to give people a heads up on the learning process.Things common to all who live in a culture such as reading, writting, math, and social perceptions about past events that everyone feels important to the sociaty as a whole.Their goal was to make you have the ability to reason and figure out things for your self and continue the learning process through out your life.

If we keep that perception in our heads we would learn that everyday you should learn something new not just in school. If you do not know how to do something at work then you are taught the nessacery skills to do that task. If I chose to go to another country then it would be benifitial to learn their ways and culture and language so I would enjoy the experance better. If I chose to take up flying airplanes I would first have to learn how an airplane worked and functioned before I got in one other wise it would be a suicide mission on my part. You see just to walk around this world we must learn and it is that ability that makes us special for we can adapt to new things and new idea’s that confront us daily. In school they used to teach children how to learn and figure out new things that was their true goal not about facts or things but how to figure out about those facts and thing and even chalenge those perceptions when needed to set the record strait if need be. This was a good thing that you took away from school and a good teacher could instill that in your being so you could be a better steward of the world. Make it a better place and adapt to changes that the world throws at us. This was all good and everything was going along great untill about 1776 or so when things changed.

The problem is that a group of people wanted to take over the world. Control it for theirselves as they felt we the people were too stupid to think correctly and the only way to do this is to stop the learning process as it used to be and flood the mind with things that meen nothing to most but flood the mind as to stop independant thinking. Brainwashing is a good word for it as critical thinking goes out the window for most of the children as they do not want people who see the truth but only want people who care about what they call important. So what is it that they call important anyway. The simple fact is obediant workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and fill out the required paperwork to keep their system going. Send us into another dark age were we do not believe anything but what is told to us by them. Were they have A.I. computers looking over our every move. Were they decide what is going to happen and who will live or die. There are already A.I. computers that can scan anyone and know who they are at any moments notice just so they can control us. There are a couple of things missing from there plan they have yet to implement one is electronic money as to know everything that goes on with us and the other is a tracking device for all to wear so as to know what we are up to. If you however have people who can think and learn they would adapt and circumvent that system to get around their control grid. That would be against their goal of world control as they have put much of our hard work and effort in to getting us to submit to them. Yes we are the real people to blame for the current events that trouble us today because we are the ones who did not see the real plan they had in place. how could we they taught us every thing they wanted us to know and created the world perception that we know today. To tell you the truth the very fact that some of us see through their plan is because we were ADHD as they would call it or as I like to say smarter than the average bear. Non-brainwashable so to speak or nonprogramable device or thing, however you have to see it to make it work for your mind or perception.

There is a lot of things we can do to fix the problem and it does not cost a lot of money or could even save a ton of money. A hundred years ago every school was a community thing that taught thing everyone felt was important to the community and everyone was involved with the going’s on of the school. Parents knew what was being taught to their children because they asked and demanded that that is what they taught them. A school was a small thing were children worked with a single teacher or so and everyone learned where the older ones helped the younger ones. In Africa they found that something as simple as lighting increased the student grade average from twenty to nintyseven percent. That was because the children could be taught in the evening and help their parents durring the day. The school adapted to the communities needs not the other way around. Children need to be taught so much more then reading or math they need to learn values and responcabilities that they do not get now.The only values most get are what is presented to them at school and TV and that is a bad thing. Most children know more about a video game then growing food or their family tree and that does not make for a good person just an unconpationate worker but that is what they want anyway. We must first take back the children then they will fall and I for one will be there laughing my ass off.

The best part of children is the sponge effect where as they are just like a sponge when it comes to new things for they want to know about those things. My favorite part of a child’s development “what you doing”, “what is that”,” why do (fill in blank)”. That is usally before school and it is what we as a race are suposed to do about everything and when we do not know the answer we study search and try to find out why. That thirst for the unknown is what makes people great and progresses our civalization as a whole. It is at the point when we no longer feel the need to or have not the ability to find out what is wrong that we might as well just dig a hole and climb in it for there is no purpose left for us on this planet or any other. My theory is that what we do not know would fill a book the size of the world.

Education is a responcabilaty for all of us not just the privilaged among us. We must never let a select few dictate to us the way our children hence our future society become.It is truly up to you and me and every parent and grandparent allow are children tto be taught and what we chose to program them to be or as I see it non-program them to be truly free thinkers in this world. There will come a time when we get past the whole possession thing and get to a place where we chose to be good stewards of this great planet called Earth. It will be a great time for all for we will see past borders and wars or to look at it another way my pile of whatever is bigger than your pile of whatever. Take time the most valueable thing in the world for our childrens learning and their education problems and teach them to solve things for theirselves and work out thigs for theirselves where as they know not only why but how and if they do not then they will at least know how to find out for themselves.

In closing I would say the group who are tring to program our children have not won but we must make a stand. Turn off the babysitter a.k.a. TV and the video games for they program evil into them.Give them some old fation books or let them take up creative projects such as painting. Teach them survival skills and the great wounders of nature that make up this world. Let us train them about tthe need to stay in good health by being active in life. Never let them sit around and not do anything for idol mind are a dwelling place for bad idea’s. Give them responcabilaty in lifenot because you are lazy but because they need to learn responcabilaty for themselves. Never give up and never give in rember that you are the adult and they the children. Gene S. of kiss fame said it bbest in his house it is a dictatorship where he is the supreme leader and that is just the way it is. He get’s it because that is what a family does to better the world as a whole.


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