Payback for Evil

To torment the children is the worst thing anyone can do.In the eyes of the Lord [ Jesus ] there is nothing lower than that.It truly has to be one of the worst sins there is. A child does not know all the goings on in the world.They only know what they are subjected to in their childhood.The ones who are doing the evil things to them are the ones who will pay the greatest price God can dish out to them for they knew better than to do those things to their children. Yet they still did bad things to the children and had no remorse for their acts.That is why bad things await those people for they knew better than to do it.God will let things play out because of free will knowing that some will suffer because of it. Their suffering will end but theirs will have just begun for the wrath of God is tremendous and beyond their ability to take and they shall wish for death and it will not come.They shall ask for forgiveness but it will not happen. For the one thing that they will have is eternal damnation of their souls.

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