Evil torments the little ones

May God have mercy on the evil ones who torment the little ones.I say this because I have a granddaughter who has seizures and she had one this morning, grand mal and it was bad. her father if you can call him that cares not for he is with the dark evil forces that are in control of this world. I am sure nothing makes him happier then watching her convulse out of control as that is what they like is to torment the little ones. I wish I could do something about it but there is nothing  that they will let me do. I have thought long and hard and know that God and his son Jesus have a plan. I just pray and hope that this plan involves her living to see next year. It is kind of strange my daughter that is really bad off on drugs and such her daughter has seizures and she made sure she got treatment but the other one cares not for he must enjoy the pain and torment that this child goes through. All I can do is pray for God to help her and try to think of a way to save her life.

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