Run rabbit run

Run, Run, Run like the wind for life will never catch me.For I am never looking back to wonder why. If I try hard enough I might even get to where I believe it is. I will keep on being stupid about the world and I will live for this moment and only for now.The best is what I have not accomplished or done and I just have a feeling that I could be someone someday and get to the top. All it takes is to ignore the truth and put on the blinders, I can do that.Live for today work for nothing it’s all O.K. by me for I have no needs. As that gun went off and I jumped out in front beat the pack and know I’ll win the game. Love is no more than a distraction for some but not me for all  I have to do is to win.

That is the problem with the world today, people who threw out their morals and forgot about God, but as for right now I know they have nothing at all not even hope or love.

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